How to find remote work during pandemic 2020

How to find remote work during pandemic 2020

Due to the situation with coronavirus, many companies and offices all over the world were closed to keep people at home and prevent the pandemic. Needless to say, without this strict step, the quantity of infected and dead people would be much bigger. But as long as a problem with COVID-19 exists, another problem with a constantly grown unemployment rate appears. Millions of people in the USA lost their jobs. According to statistics, it's around 47 million jobs that show an unemployment rate of 32%. But this is not the end - about 67 million people currently work in jobs with a very high risk of layoffs.  

Of course, many companies already shifted their employers to remote work from home, but not every company can do it easily. It leads to an increased unemployment rate. Those people who had their constant jobs before the pandemic started, now stayed without a job. They cannot earn money, they cannot provide themselves and their families, and of course, it leads to stress and constant nervousness. 

In the current situation, people look for solving this problem by looking for a remote online job. Nowadays, following the restrictive steps to stop the spread of coronavirus, it's the only way to have a job and earn money from home. A remote job can be done away from the company's office in a remote location (in the current situation with pandemic - from your home). Remote job searching is quite popular. In this article, we will give some good tips on how to find a remote job. 

What Is a Remote Job and Who Is a Remote Employee?

Remote work allows specialists to work outside the company office. It's possible to work remotely if the specific job doesn't need to be fulfilled in some specific place (like plants, factories, etc). In the current situation with coronavirus, it's the best decision to stay employed and fulfill the job from home.   

A remote employer works on the company outside of a company's office. It means that work can be done from any point with the Internet connection (home, coworking space, cafe, etc). The problem with COVID allows people to work remotely only from home, and this is the best solution for the company's situation in the crisis, and for the employee's health during the pandemic.

When you're working remotely, it's important to consider many moments, including your professional role in a particular project, your style and amount of work, and conversations between you and the manager. Of course, you will not have to do it alone, but the remote job is different from the usual office work where all the specialists are in the same space, and it's simple to gather people in the meeting to discuss something or to give some tasks and explain them to the needed professionals quickly.  

Best Remote Jobs Websites to Land a Well-Paid Job

When you're looking for a remote job, make sure you've read the job description thoroughly to get an understanding of which type of job is offered by the specific company.

We suggest viewing these websites to find a well-paid remote job:

  • WWR (We Work Remotely). This is a very popular place to search for a great remote job. Every month, this community has more than 2.5 million visitors. It's possible to search for a full-time remote job by categories (including copywriting, design, customer support, business and marketing, sales, etc).
  • Indeed. Find a great remote job from thousands of popular companies! Upload your resume to apply for jobs, read the real reviews about various companies, search the needed job by the salary rate.     
  • Flexjobs. On this site, you can find a great number of various professional jobs to work remotely. Flexjobs offers millions of opportunities for specialists in different spheres, including management, business, design, software, and many others.
  • Working Nomads. It's easy to find a remote job in sales, management, writing, health care, human resources, consulting, and many other spheres. It's possible to set job alerts to get emails notifying you about new job posts. 
  • Career Builder. It's easy to find a job from home with this site. Upload your detailed CV or make it using an online resume builder on the website. Sort all the offered jobs by salary, type, date of posting to find the most suitable position easily.

Top Remote Jobs and Industries

Nowadays, the most popular remote positions are healthcare and IT. The education industry also becomes quite popular due to the coronavirus pandemic when most schools, colleges, and universities are closed and students need to learn remotely with a tutor. Currently, fields of accounting, business, and finance became popular. 

Here is the list of top careers to work remotely:

  1. Healthcare and medicine;
  2. IT sphere and computers;
  3. Customer service;
  4. Teaching and education;
  5. Sales;
  6. Finance, business, and accounting.

Of course, currently, with a worldwide crisis due to the pandemic, many people lost their workplaces and stayed unemployed. But thanks to modern technologies and the Internet, it's possible to fulfill plenty of work remotely from home. If you experience difficulties with finding a suitable company, we suggest viewing the Forbes article that contains the top 100 of the most popular companies to work remotely in 2020

How Much Does Remote Work Pay?

People who never have had an experience of remote work may get a question about the salary. Let's look at some sample remote salaries below:

1. Customer service representative. This is a popular position on the sites that offer remote jobs. Let's compare the hourly rate on various websites:

  • 13-15$ per hour on Career Builder;
  • 15$ per hour on Flexjobs.

2. Medical Biller. This is a popular remote job in healthcare that offers payment from 11 to 16 dollars per hour:

  • 11-13$ per hour on Career Builder;
  • 16$ per hour on Flexjobs.

3. Accountant. As we already mentioned above, this position became popular in 2020. Here are the payment rates: 

  • 25-30$ per hour on Career Builder;
  • From 20$ per hour on Flexjobs.

How to Start Working Remotely Successfully

Do you feel unsure if it's possible to work remotely even in the current situation with COVID-19? Follow our simple guide on getting a remote job without stress. 

  1. Think if working remotely is right for you. Of course, with the coronavirus problem, you haven't a choice but who knows, maybe you have some specific reasons to not work from home. Following some people's experience, for a part of them, it's quite difficult to work remotely due to unusual things. They have used to work in the office or the factory, or outdoors, and suddenly they sit at home at the desk. Plus, we all feel stressed about the pandemic. But of course, if you have lost your job and stayed without money, it doesn't matter how and where to work to support yourself and your family during the crisis. Understandably, you feel confused, scared, and you may even miss the work in the office and direct communication with colleagues. By the way, many companies promise to switch the job to the office just when the situation with COVID ends, so let's hope for better. 
  2. Think about things that motivate you to do your job. Needless to say, you need to love what you do, otherwise, your job wouldn't make you feel happy. Of course, it's understandable that with the situation in the world due to COVID-19, many people had to find a job to earn some money, and they are ready to work anywhere. But it's not so easy to get a job when only remote positions are opened. Many companies are closed and it's not easy to find good work for those people who used to be in specific positions like public transport drivers, event makers, etc. The remote job will change your lifestyle, habits, and many other things you have used to do. But try to think positively and find things that will become your motivation to do this job and like it. 
  3. Find decent job boards to look for a good position. When you're searching for remote work, it's important to find a good place where job descriptions are placed. We recommend visiting such websites as Flexjobs, We Work Remotely, AndelList, Indeed, Monster, Career Builders, Working Nomad. These are job boards for remote work, and it's possible to find a lot of remote positions there. Before you start searching, make sure you have a well-written resume that reflects your skills, work experience, qualification, and personal qualities. Spend some time on this paper because your potential employer will pay enormous attention to it. Every day recruiters view tons of CVs, but they don't invite to the interview all those people that wrote them. That's why before writing a resume you need to understand what to put there to make it notable. Creating this document, you have to organize all data about your studying and professional experience, life goals, and personal characteristics, and put everything in the right order. This isn't an easy job, but it's worth the effort. If it's difficult for you to create a successful CV, ask a professional writing service to make this document for you. 
  4. Know the main needs of remote employers. To be honest, remote companies are looking for two main things: the first is trustworthy employees and the second is those people who love their job. If you will get a chance to receive an invitation to a remote interview, be prepared to hear many questions about yourself as a person. This is normal because the remote recruiter has to know as many as possible things about yourself. Don't be afraid to answer honestly and be yourself in the interview. Asking about why you want to get this position is an interesting question (because everyone expects the answer "I am looking for a remote position due to a crisis"). Of course, nowadays, most people are scared to stay jobless. But you have to think and answer why you want to get this position without concentrating on the crisis and problems. All the problems will go away sooner or later, so try to think why you like this job and why you want to work in a certain company.
  5. Create a perfect CV to impress the hiring manager. Even if you are a great specialist in your field, this is not enough just to have all the needed technical and professional skills for the position you chose. It's important to create a good resume and put all data properly, so the hiring manager will notice you. When you write your CV, never mention about lack of experience in a particular field. This would make you weak, and the employer won't turn their attention on your candidature. For example, even if you don't have large work experience after college, try to write as many as possible informative facts about your school experience. Remember that your CV should be clear, bright, concise, easy to read and notable. An unprofessional resume makes a person look unprofessional as a specialist, so do your best and create a bright paper to get a remote position you want. Do you have some difficulties with making a successful CV? Please contact the team of skilled professionals who can write a great resume for your needs just in a couple of hours! Don't waste your time and let specialists do this job for you. Receive a well-written paper that will help you to get remote work without stress!
  6. Become an expert in remote work. If you neer have had this experience, we strongly recommend buying the book "Remote" written by David Heinemeier Hansson. Remember that looking for remote work isn't more difficult than searching for a normal job, but it's just a different process. Working remotely doesn't mean something bad but it's different from full-time work in the office. Keep in memory that both remote and in-office positions have their pros and cons. Concentrate on the pros you are getting from your job and remember that even if you miss your office and coworkers, things with pandemic will end sooner or later, and everything might change for the better. 

We hope our tips and suggestions will help you to find and get a good remote position to fit your salary expectations. Let's hope for better, and if you are the person who must look for a remote job due to pandemic, try to look at it as some big challenge for you that will lead to changes for something good!